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2018 Creative Con Cosplay Contests!


Kids' Costume Contest:

Ages 12 & Under.

Sunday, September 23 @ Noon on the Main Stage

Line-up for the Kids' Contest at 11:45am on Sunday.

Awards: First, Second, Third place medals plus each child will get a goody bag.


General Cosplay Contest:

Ages 13 & Up.

Sunday, September 23 @ 1:30pm on the Main Stage

Lineup backstage at 1:15pm. Registration 10am-5pm on Saturday. 

Awards: Best in Show, Best Prop, Best Craftsmanship, (3) Judge's Choice Awards & Best Group.

(This contest encourages making and/or altering at least 50% of Cosplay)

Sign up for the contest now and guarantee your spot!

REGISTRATION FOR BOTH CONTESTS 10:15am - 5:15pm on Saturday Only. There will be no prejudging or signups on Sunday. 

All Attendees are eligible to enter, but space is limited!

A costume can be of any character or a unique creation.

Please keep in mind, we are looking for creativity and craftsmanship. Buying a costume off the shelf and making no alterations to it will severely hurt your chances at earning a prize in the Cosplay Contest, so please use your creativity!

Contest Rules & Regulations:


Live steel is defined as swords, knives, and/or other objects made of metal which can take an edge.

No illegal or loaded weapons.

No Nudity. No Profanity.
No confetti, fireworks, pyrotechnics, smoke machines, or any other small messy items that can be tossed, dripped or fired at the crowd or judges. 
Full body paint is not considered a costume.

1. Inappropriate or overly sexual material will not be allowed. 
2. Please be sure you have a handler with you if you have trouble walking or if you are worried your costume may be damaged by the crowd. 
3. We currently have no limit on size of costumes or props, but we do ask that you be safe and aware of your surroundings.
4. Absolutely no jumping off stage.
5. Everything that comes on stage with you must go back off with you. No confetti, liquid, glitter, or anything else that cannot be picked up by you easily at the end of your entry. 

If you are concerned about your costume or have any questions, please email us at

Thanks! Message sent.

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